A public hearing on the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) will be held before the BART Board of Directors as part of a regularly scheduled Board meeting on April 23, 2009. The public hearing will be held in the BART Boardroom at Kaiser Center 20th Street Mall, Third Floor, 344 20th St., Oakland, CA. For further information, call Katie Balk, eBART Project Coordinator, at (510) 464-6151. BART provides service/accommodations upon request to persons with disabilities and individuals who have limited English proficiency who wish to address BART Board matters. A request must be made within one and five days in advance of Board meetings, depending on the service requested. Please contact the Office of the District Secretary at (510) 464-6083 for information.

For questions regarding the eBART Project, please use the information listed below to contact Katie Balk, eBART Project Coordinator.




300 Lakeside Drive LKS-16
Oakland, CA 94612
Attn: Katie Balk


(510) 464-7673


(510) 464-6251


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